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It doesn't end, because it isn't supposed to end

About twenty years ago I was asked to once again write a personal mission statement. I had written one before then, but for the life of me I couldn't remember it. That first time I followed what others around me were doing and used words that sounded educated and fancy. I wrote it on an index card and it hung on my bathroom mirror for awhile. But, no matter how many times I read it, I could not remember it. It wasn't about me. It was about what I thought was expected of me. And that wasn't a story I was willing to live out. So, why memorize it? Why try to live it? It just wasn't me.

So, when asked to write another one, I decided to gift myself with a tool that would really help me stay on track. One that broke all the rules of what I knew to be mission statement writing rules. First of all, I had to remember it. So, it had to be short and catchy. It had to be worth remembering. Shoot, I struggle to remember what actual day my kids were born even though I remember them being born. I even left one of my kids at Pizza Hut and Blockbuster Video. Not because I didn't care about her. But, I had so much on my mind. There has always been so much to remember in life just to live moment to moment. Like, is the child in the car?

What I came up with is short, sweet, and to the point. And it changes beautifully when my life changes. It holds me accountable and gives me lots of space to grow. I know it. I live it. I am living a more centered and fulfilling life because of it. Check it out!

Let go.

Go out.

Out do.

Do over.


Come let.

Let go.

And on, and on, and on it goes.

It never ends, because it isn't supposed to end.

Let me explain. Some days I run through this list when I wake up:

Let go: Are there things or people in my life today that I need to release, detach myself from, forgive? This changes every single day. Therefore, I need to ask myself every day.

Go out: Today, am I being invited to be courageous, sacrifice, step out of my comfort zone? That is where I grow. It is when I'm meeting a challenge that I am faced with what I really believe. Who I really am. Today I need to ask when it was I last took a step forward, a step towards personal growth. It is when I take these steps that I am changed for the better.

Out do: Am I just getting by? Or, am I willing to go the extra mile, add the special touch? And if I'm holding back, why am I resisting giving my all? The answer to this question reveals roadblocks to growth.

Do over: I actually spend a lot of time here. I don't do a whole lot of things the right way the first time. And I mean mostly the little things. It's okay to apologize to a child for my tone. It's okay to admit that I made a mistake and try it again. It's okay to fail.

Overcome: This is more a journey than a destination. I am daily overcoming a lot of things. I will always be on a journey to overcome childhood sexual abuse. I won't ever stop taking steps towards being more compassionate to myself. I can be assured that overcoming daily stress will always be on my agenda. But, I love the steps of overcoming because they build my confidence and fuel my desire to keep trying.

Come let: Over the years I've invited people into my inner circle. I need these people. They are my core, my advisors, my grace-givers. But, I often ask myself if there is someone who should no longer be in that core group. Have we grown apart? Are we not on the same page of life anymore? If so, it is okay. This is why our inner circle is usually very small. These people need to be those whom we trust completely. And, as life would have it, I meet new people often and sometimes I experience growth when I spend time with them. Is today the day I should welcome someone new into my inner circle?

Let go...

The asking should never stop. When I stop asking, I stop growing. And so I made my mission statement simple for a reason.

You are welcome to try it, too!

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