• Sue Skalicky

The Heartbeat of God

The electronic chirp breaks the predawn quiet of my darkened living room. I take one more gulp of freshly ground black coffee, grab my keys and my bottle of water and walk to my car. Before I get in, I pause and take a deep breath. The fall air is cold and crisp. I hear the hum of cars in the distance and a few birds beginning to wake up. Then I say a silent prayer that God would give me the ears to hear His heartbeat for my city. I back out of the driveway and, using the map app as a guide, I head to another divine appointment.

I am an Uber driver.

Each person who climbs into my Subaru is family. We all wake up each day with an agenda, and we all share the burdens of living in a world that takes its toll on our physical bodies, our restless emotions, and our hungry spirit. We all want more and we all wish we could carry less baggage from our pasts.

I’ve been honored to wake up early each morning, and occasional late weekend night, and loudly and clearly hear the heartbeat of God in my city. His heartbeat sounds like a meth addict scratching his arms and neck continuously as he shares his goals and dreams of finishing college and working for himself one day. It looks like the woman dressed in her pajamas on the way to yet another back surgery, hoping and praying that this time it will take away the pain so she can stop taking so much pain medication. Its rhythm is that of one heading to another 10-hour work day outside at the mercy of the weather armed with a handful of energy drinks and some convenience store snacks. It sounds like resilience, courage, determination, joy, defeat, denial, and surrender.

In the five to fifteen minutes it takes for us to drive to the destination, we share life together. I am in as much need of God’s grace as each one of my riders. I don’t preach, I listen. I don’t judge, I am thankful. I don’t advise, I love. I am the love of God to a world desperately in need of love.

Our world runs on stories. The next time you happen to be with someone for five to fifteen minutes, choose to listen, be thankful, and love. Then sit back and listen to the heartbeat of God. You will be blown away!

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